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David Winans   (#8754804)   (Dave)

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Kansas City, KS
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2006 N 88th Street

Kansas City, KS  

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Over decades, Dave’s constant commitment remains serving community through ever improving learning:

 - a teacher of learners ages six to sixty,

 - a leader of private and public educational systems,

 - a collaborator at the founding of seven associations still        fulfilling the purpose each was created to serve,

 - a life coach of leaders pursuing their calling,

 - a disciple seeking ever greater connection through grace.

Learning, with practice, brings dreams to life. Dave earned his Ed.D from the University of Kansas researching the relationship among leaders of public schools engaged in systemic change. The Professionally Certified Coach (PCC) renewal in 2014 by the International Coaching Federation demonstrates that he talks and walks as change maker. Designation as a Facilitator in The Daring Way in 2015 withRising Strong endorsement enhances his own compassion and his ability to be a catalyst for connection.

How does a visionary also honor the wholly spirit?  


It’s the adventure of a lifetime that Dave enjoys and catalyzes for others in the quest to be wholehearted co-creators of thriving communities. Communities are families, teams, organizations, and a small unified group striving to attain the individually unattainable.  Coaching individuals to align values, actions, and acquisitions, is valuable.  It permits effective contribution to a successful community. A wholehearted person does this and is more. 

To be wholehearted is to cultivate practices rooted not in scarcity but in sufficiency; not in comfort but in health; not in banality but in wisdom; not in isolation but in shared spirit.  A thriving community is successful while promoting wholehearted members. A thriving community is sensitive to the language that defines it and is secure in the overlap with others language. A thriving community is discerning and inclusive.   A thriving community fears but accepts death, and yet, maintains faith in re-birth.   The quest for thriving communities is service worth living.  

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